Data Protection & Privacy Policy
The Rose Wine Collective will seek to protect the privacy of your personal data. Please see below for a breakdown of how we gather & use data along with guidance on how to undertake a request for deletion from our records.
1. Use of personal information
The Rose Wine Collective & uses personal information to administer, support, assist in the review of & obtain feedback on the services we offer. We also use data to ensure that no laws or our terms of contract are broken.
2. Marketing
If you would prefer for us not to contact you by way of direct marketing (email newsletter for example), please contact  & we will ensure the relevant details are removed from our system & you are not contacted unless you personal request to be.
3. Collecting of personal information
Personal information is collected by The Rose Wine Collective  directly from clients. Clients who request their details are securely stored on our system or clients who place orders via the website will have their details held for a reasonable length of time in order to facilitate, administer & support the services we offer.
4. Personal information
Personal information along with the data given directly to The Rose Wine Collective  from clients in person, over the phone or via email, we will also collect data of users placing orders via the website or browsing the website. This data could include logs, details of networks, data & systems accessed, details of the sender & recipients of messages sent over our services, times & location of log on or access, duration of sessions, clickstream & similar usage or system data. This data may sometimes be traceable to/related to not just companies but also named individuals. Please feel free the browse the website anonymously should you have any concerns about data retention.